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You can’t be what you can’t see

The interactive, multi-media PDF e-magazine is meant to sit on school websites, so the girls, their parents, the community, the educators and all students can learn about careers in IT, the responsibilities of the leaders, realistic expectations, the reality as opposed to the perception ... and so much more.

The women showcased here are representative of many wonderful women leaders in IT/ICT. They are intentionally chosen from many different fields. Their words and their personalties are on the page. In their videos, they speak to the girls. These women champion girls in IT.


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Future Leaders in IT

Joey Miller is the VP Global Information Technology for Magna International. In the content she answers the girls' questions and in her video she speaks about her passion for IT. As a sponsor, she has an editorial message, where she discusses working in a male dominated environment. She is a true inspiration. Her mini-mentorship spread with video is on page 10 and her editorial message is on page 8.

Take a look. Click on the picture of the e-magazine, but make sure you view the mulit-media, interactive PDF in Adobe Reader and on a desktop or laptop to ensure you can view the videos and have interactivity.

Click here or on the image to view the e-magazine. Hope you have 'high speed'. The file is 150 megs, so it could take a while.

E-magazine: Future Leaders in IT


Information Technology


Information Technology
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