Are you considering becoming a Donor and being part of the solution?

Do you want to make a difference and help change the status quo of the next generation of women? Do you have family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, employees… with daughters and wonder if they will ever reach their potential? Regardless of your gender – yes, women say these things too – have you caught yourself or heard someone else say:

How many women in your family do you believe did not get the career opportunities they deserved? Do you want the same future for the girls in your family?

Worried about the boys? Don’t. The boys will not suffer if attention is focused on the girls. Girls are the educational weak spot. It’s time for gender equality of education. By educating the educators, all students will benefit from their educators’ new knowledge and understanding, particularly in regards to stereotypes and unconscious biases.

Is there a program for ‘giving’ that fits what you, the Donor, want to do or can afford?

Considering the size, depth and expanse of the FLiAP platform, the answer is ‘NO’. It would be impossible to create a handful of programs and levels that donors would be 100% happy with. In examining the platform, you can imagine that each donor would have a specific interest and focus, a vision of what they would like to see, a non-corresponding budget, and possibly a wish for something that doesn’t exist, for example: in the Career Resources platform, perhaps their male dominated profession isn’t mentioned and they desperately need women involved, but unless educators and girls learn about it, it won’t happen. The Donor wants to add their profession. It can be done.

The answer is simple. You design your own program – large or small and build it around your vision, your specialties, wishes, needs, offerings, creativity and budget, and then together through effective communication and transparent discussion, the details will be worked out. However, there is one major caveat – there is no self-promotion. This is not an advertising opportunity. Self-promote and you will lose your audience and damage FLiAP’s credibility. It is about the girls and their futures. The best thing you can do for your brand, is to be 100% selfless and the benefits you will derive will be invaluable.

Are there opportunities to build Partnerships?

Yes. Forming partnerships (collaborative relationships) can bring great value to organizations with shared objectives and common visions. Keeping in mind the shared goals and aims of each organization, and the assistance each can provide to the other, the benefits for their recipients – educators and the girls – can be multiplied and accelerated. As with donors, effective communication and transparent discussions are needed to ensure the organizations have clear partnership working arrangements and are committed to achieving the long-term, flexible and organic goals.

Sample Benefits

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Donor Benefits

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Donor Benefits
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