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Some girls are born leaders and some are taught to be leaders. Some women learned to be leaders later in life when they finally gain the confidence needed and then nothing stops them. It is never too late and here we hope to provide links to leadership websites that can inform, inspire and educate you on leadership and its nuances. The hope is that not only will you learn to be a great leader, but you will also be able to teach others to lead.

The Female Quotient "is advancing equality in the workplace through collaboration, activating solutions for change, and creating measurements for accountability. When you put women in any equation, there is a return on equality." There is much to learn on this website. The sooner girls learn from these women, the stronger and more powerful they will be. The more females work and collabrate with females, the sooner the status quo will change. Girls must see themselves as running a Fortune 500 company, sitting on Boards of Directors of global companies, running a country, leading change. Learn from other women.

The Art of ... Leadership is an informative, inspirational and current website which really deserves examination. But be careful because you could spend all day there reading, watching videos and learning about wonderful women leaders and leadership today. Yes, men are also showcased, but you may not even get to them or you could actually learn something from them.

Get a quick video tip from Debbie Travis when she asks, "Are you passionate and confident enough to deliver?". Or read about the key imperatives for the next generation of women business leaders. Each page will lead you to another interesting topic. How about, 10 Effective Ways Leaders Can Influence Others Through Nonverbal Communications? And there is an online magazine you can subscribe to. The Art of Magazine features exclusive content from bestselling authors, corporate visionaries and leading authorities in the business world. And watch out for their events, especially The Art of Leadership for Women. It is well worth regular visits.

WXN – Women's Executive Network At WXN we inspire smart women to lead.
WXN creates and delivers innovative networking, mentoring, professional and personal development to inform, inspire, connect and recognize our community of 19,000 smart women and their organizations in the pursuit of excellence. WXN enables our Partners and Corporate Members to become and to be recognized as employers of choice and leaders in the advancement of women.

Founded in 1997, WXN is Canada’s leading organization dedicated to the advancement and recognition of women in management, executive, professional and board roles. WXN is a Founding Member of the Canadian Board Diversity Council, dedicated to increasing the diversity of Canada’s corporate boards. In the fall of 2008, WXN launched in Ireland, a first step in creating an international community of female leaders.

Global Women's Leadership Network Whole Women, Whole Leader, Whole World
Global Women's Leadership Network (GWLN) exists to help women step out of survival and dependence into their inherent power, enabling the transformation of world conditions - woman by woman. Our policy is to work for women, in partnership with individuals, NGOs and corporations, to create an environment conducive to broad participation for major social change around the world. At GWLN, we focus on the following areas:

Institute for Women's Leadership Empowering great leaders to be EXTRAORDINARY
The Institute for Women’s Leadership innovates in the area of women’s leadership by focusing on gender partnership in addition to growing and developing women. We seek to promote ‘gender partnership’ (optimizing the full contribution of men and women) rather than just addressing “women in leadership.”  Gender partnership is above all a business issue. In a constructive and optimistic way, IWL helps companies unlock the market and talent potential that gender partnership brings –  and helps them reap the considerable economic benefits.

Womens Leadership Exchange
Women's Leadership Exchange® (WLE) is a social entrepreneurship organization founded by and for successful businesswomen. Recognizing the unique challenges facing women in business – whether they are leading their own companies or are leaders in the corporate, government or not-for-profit sectors, WLE offers a program that helps them fill the information gap and provides a venue for building connections that will facilitate their success in business and in life.

At the center of this program are conferences - featuring leading experts, accredited business coaches and interactive programming - in major markets around the U.S. In addition, WLE offers a resource-packed website,  a leadership development program (LEXCI), teleconferences,  and an enewsletter.

Leadership Websites

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