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As educators, you come across those students that have 'that special something'. They are passionate, energetic, focused on their next new idea, or new product, or their solution to a global problem... , and they can't wait to get started and create their vision. What an opportunity is standing in front of you – possibly Canada's next innovator and entrepreneur – but what can you do to ensure that that passion, that drive, that excitement, doesn't die?

The Next 36

The Next 36 is a non-profit charity that is helping grow Canada's long-term prosperity by fast-tracking the development of Canada's most talented young innovators. It addresses Canada's deficit of high impact entrepreneurship by providing resource-rich education programs to promising young entrepreneurs. Founded in 2010, The Next 36 set out to solve a big problem: Canada’s deficit of high impact entrepreneurs and nation-building business leaders.

The Next 36 entrepreneurial leadership programs are for exceptional students and recent high school graduates. So how does this help you now? By knowing what is available and preparing your students for these programs, you can keep your students' flames blazing. You can show them that there is hope and assistance. You can prepare them for an incredible future. You can provide a goal.

You must check out this website https://www.thenext36.ca/


Leadership Programs

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