Why do we need to teach girls and women about leadership?

The present is still the past. Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook, in a 2011 Barnard College Commencement speech mentioned that at her mother’s graduation ceremony, her mother “thought she only had 2 career options – nursing and teaching.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdvXCKFNqTY

Times have not changed. According to the Statistics Canada, 2006 Census, nurse supervisors and registered nurses are made up of 93.7% women, and secondary and elementary school teachers and educational counsellors are made up of 73.6% women (the 2011 numbers are still higher)

The government recognizes the importance of change in attitudes

Increasing the number of women on boards has been shown to result in more effective decisions for Canadian businesses, leading to improved corporate performance. ... “It is important that we identify ideas and strategies to foster engagement and commitment across various sectors of our economy to support more women serving on boards.”
The Honourable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, October 25, 2013

Women Leaders and Gender Parity

You must read what Kevin O'Leary has to say about women CEOs. Why Shark Tank's 'Mr. Wonderful' Thinks Women Make Better CEOs

The World Economic Forum discusses this issue. This is a must read. It starts:
Capital is no longer the only decisive factor of production in today’s global economy: a business or an economy’s competitive advantage is increasingly determined by innovative ideas or immaterial services, and is less dependent on tangible assets. We are rapidly moving from capitalism to “talentism&prdquo;. In such a world, gender parity can no longer be treated as superfluous.  Women make up a half of potential human capital available in any economy. The efficient use of this talent pool is a key driver of competitiveness. Read the rest: https://www.weforum.org/women-leaders-and-gender-parity

The 2016 world's 100 Most Powerful Women

Forbes annual snapshot of the 100 top politicians and CEOs, activist billionaires and celebrities, next gen entrepreneurs and philanthropists who matter most in 2016. https://www.forbes.com/power-women/


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