The K-12 Educators’ Official Digital Resource for Preparing our Next Generation of Women

Our purpose in everything we do, is directed at changing the status quo of our next generation of women by creating a digital information, service and tool based resource (this website) enabling educators to prepare ALL girls for leadership roles in ALL professions, and through FLiAP’s robust framework, capabilities and extensive network of women leaders in ALL professions, to enable the younger generation and their support systems to open ALL doors.

Our mission is to prepare the girls for leadership roles in all career options and opportunities – traditional, non-traditional, under-represented and future – by providing information, resources, services and tools on a platform where businesses, educators and girls can communicate and collaborate.

Our mandate for:
The girls: To encourage female leadership and increase gender balance in the Global workforce especially in non-traditional, unknown and future industries/fields/sectors.
The educators (teachers, guidance counsellors, Principals...): To provide needed resources – information, materials and services – that will inform them so they can enlighten the girls and their parents about potential careers and leadership roles in today’s and tomorrow's innovative world.
The business sector: To provide the business sector with needed future employees and leaders, and a repository for its resources – materials and services – so educators can inform and enlighten themselves and the girls.
Relationships: To build necessary functional relationships between educators, the business sector and the girls, and to open up career options and opportunities for the girls’ future.


The Tipping Point

From 12-15 years of age is the tipping point in many areas of a girl’s life. Major course decisions determining their future career opportunities, must be made in grades 7 or 8 and started in grade 8 or 9, such as advanced mathematics, which is required for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines and many professions. Before, during and after their tipping point, we want to provide the students and the educators with the relevant resources to support the students’ insight into future careers and enhance their ability to be future leaders.


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