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Our Mission, Vision and Mandate


FLiAP's Mission is to globally change the status quo of the next generation of women, to empower them and to ensure leadership opportunities for all women in all professions.

To achieve FLiAP's Mission requires a new and early approach with global resources available to all.


FLiAP’s Vision is to provide, via a web-enabled platform, a comprehensive one-stop digital resource filled with information, resources, services, and tools that can be accessed, downloaded, contributed to and shared, and that is focused on preparing all girls with the confidence, courage, knowledge and skills to overcome the conscious and unconscious biases preventing gender equity and equality in life, education and ultimately the workplace.


FLiAP's Mandate is to educate and to bring all the parties together as early as possible (starting in Kindergarten and progressing through Secondary School), so as to enable the change in the status quo of the next generations of women as soon as possible.

Education and Business must work together for the girls to benefit

At the core, we have the K-12 educators (teachers, guidance counsellors, Principals, tutors…) and their supporting institutions, ministries and programs. But, to change the status quo of the next generation of women and achieve gender equality, it is time that the educators and the business world communicate, build relationships and work together. We are beginning the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and we must recognize, address and enhance opportunities for girls, and especially in subject areas traditionally thought of as domains for men – the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Current and future jobs are demanding ever more and more STEM knowledge and leadership skills. The educators must be aware of the career opportunities available today, but mostly tomorrow and prepare the girls for them.

FLiAP is all about the girls.

It’s about dispelling the perceptions, the stereotypes, and the conscious and unconscious biases that are holding them back. This starts with educating the educators so they no longer continue reinforcing the biases, and allowing the business community to help. Big business understands the benefits of having women in the workforce, in the executive positions and on the Boards of Directors. Many companies are identifying female talent as a key feature of future workforce strategy, are promoting gender equality, and are recognizing gender biases. The biases start very early – studies show a major difference between the ages of 5 and 6 years.

Girls on their own will not become aware of their educational options, career choices and leadership opportunities. The status quo of women has not changed – although some will argue it is regressing. For it to change, the enablers must change. FLiAP is providing the resources to help the enablers dispel perceptions and showcase realities that can exist for girls.

An Internet connection is your Library Card

Think of FLiAP as a one-stop interactive global library that as long as you have a library card – as in an internet connection – you will have the tools you need to educate and prepare yourselves to teach and empower your girls.

Picture teachers who:

Picture teachers who can:

It’s all about the girls and the educators must start early. They need awareness, assistance and tools to:

Through its robust platform, FLiAP exposes educators to what is needed to empower the girls and prepare them for leadership roles in all career options and opportunities through global insights, collaborations, relationship building, educational materials, curriculums, exchanging ideas, discovering creative solutions, assisting and supporting each other… all leading to a global change in the status quo of the next generation of women.

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