Value proposition: To change the status quo of our next generation of women and create future leaders in all professions

The educators (teachers, guidance counsellors, Principals...) are too busy to research potential careers, discover unknown careers, learn of available opportunities in the business sector today for women outside the traditional roles. And where do they find information on teaching leadership or understanding that women are needed in leadership roles? Where do they find speakers and mentors? They need a one-stop resource and this is it.

The business sector, especially national corporations, with low percentage of women (IT, Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Investment...) want more women in their fields. Some have programmes to entice more women, but they have resulted in no significant change in numbers. They are not reaching the right age group or educating the educators of the possibilities. Here they do.

Relationships between educators and the business sector are strained. For the girls’ future, relationships need to be built. Both need to put the girls first and have a platform to get to know one another, and this is the place.

If the girls don’t know a career exists, they will not consider it. They need to learn from their educators, who need to learn from the business sector. They need to see successful women leaders in these careers and learn how they got there and how they work in their environments and handle their family lives. This is where the interactive, multi-media e-magazines each focused on a specific sector showcasing 20 leaders, is invaluable.

Value Proposition

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