Value proposition: Changing the status quo of our next generation of women and creating leaders in all professions

To achieve this, it is not only vital to start early, but to educate the educators and the business community, and to build a relationship between both. Without the educators and the business community understanding each other and working toward the same gender equality goals, the status quo will remain the same. Little change has been realized regardless of our greater advancement.

Let's start by examining the present situation.

Educators' Jobs

Business Community's Jobs

Educators' Pain

Business Community's Pain

Next we provide the pain relievers

Educators' Pain Relievers

Business Community's Pain Relievers

And then we reap the gains

Educators' Gain

Business Community's Gains

Gain Creators for both Educators and the Business Community

The Multi-sided Platform website opens the doors to:

Initial products and services created to enable education

Educators and the business community fit when they have the products and services needed. Their pains (current needs, negative situations, undesired constraints, unknowns...) are relieved when their gains (the benefits expected from the platform – wish lists, ideas, possibilities, hope, surprises...) are provided.
The platform provides the educators and the business community with problem solutions. Pain relievers zero in on each segment's needs, and gain creators benefit each segment’s needs while building relationships through greater understanding.

The Status Quo of Women changes sooner than predicted!

Who would have thought that this headline would be the title of the World Economic Forum’s Report in 2050? No one, but FLiAP believes that it is possible. In 2016 the World Economic Forum Report forecasted that the gender gap would not close until 2186. In 2017, they predicted longer. But in their predictions, they did not take into account FLiAP’s global multi-sided platform, Educators and the Business Community working together, the discrediting of conscious and unconscious biases and stereotypes, the closing of the gap as early as Kindergarten and following it through the educational system to the workforce. It is about relationships, education, technology, communication and trying to keep pace with the future. And the future cannot afford a gender gap. The door is open to everyone with today’s library card – an Internet connection and FLiAP’s URL.

And the future platform vision leads the way

This multi-sided platform will flourish as it cultivates future visions. It will ensure that as needs grow, innovation expands, creativity, ideas and technology explode, the educators and business community will be able to keep up and humanity will become blind to diversity while equality will be the norm for all.

Value Proposition

The Beginning
Business Community
Value Proposition
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