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The public school system – Elementary and Secondary – is a profession dominated by women. (Statistics Canada, Census Population 2011 and 2006)

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Elysa Tarascio
Guidance Counsellor/Classroom Teacher/Literacy Chairperson
Sir Ernest MacMillan Sr. P.S.
Toronto District School Board

As a guidance counsellor, I can really see the applicability of this e-magazine, “Future Leaders in IT”, as an educational tool. Firstly, I would use it for Career Education. The women showcased are from a diverse group of companies and their IT expertise is used in a variety of ways. The articles would be a great springboard for a discussion about the different careers that are available in the IT industry. The women also comment on other skills that are important in their jobs, such as interpersonal skills, creativity, numeracy, critical thinking, document use… - the Essential Skills that we are trying to teach our students about. The other important application of this magazine for guidance counsellors is in working specifically with young women. I have been running a girl’s club for the past 11 years. We talk about issues like self-esteem and planning for the future. Many of our girls are afraid to acknowledge their own strengths and skills for fear that it will make them unpopular. They also do not see themselves in upper management positions that are traditionally held by men. The women featured in the e-magazine are inspiring role models for our young women. They show the possibilities that exist for women in the IT field and provide a message that girls can be whatever they want to be and that, since they represent a large demographic of IT users, they have a role to play in the development of IT solutions. It is an important discussion to have at an early age before students choose high school courses that will potentially open or close doors to future opportunities. It would be beneficial to have this e-magazine accessible to students, teachers, and parents by including it on school websites. I am excited to use this e-magazine in the coming school year and would recommend it for other educators.


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